Sunday, February 25, 2007

Airport Wi Fi

I must give mad props to Boise Airport for being one of the only airports with free public wifi (Vegas being the only other one i know). I find it interesting that many other airports charge widely varying feels ($5-$20), guess the market is still too new to have set a standard. But it seems some scammers try to take advantage of desperate people by offering a computer-to-computer network connection and calling it a free public wifi. It worries me that they might be installing malicious software on anyones computer that optimistically tries to connect to such a network before noticing it isn't a broadcast type connection. That is why i'll be updating all my firewall software when i get home just to be safe. Apparently when I've been traveling for two days straight i become delerious and have trouble spotting such obvious attempts to attack my computer.

Fantastic February

Dear Feb,

When first we met, the jungle party was but a pleasant hangover. I must thank my neighbors for pulling it off for another year in a row. The night was fabulous, except for my lost keys. I must tell you to avoid that situation, it is really expensive to get the locks changed...

It feels as if I barely knew you, and now you are gone again. We had some good times, though. I'll not soon forget our trip up to northeast PA, where i showed Camelback who is boss on my new skis. The early morning ride may not have been all that grand, but the trip that followed was well worth it. If only i could have stayed awake for all the festivities, but that is the price you must sometimes pay to the party gods.

We got along well with the party gods a few weeks later with first that icy trip out to Dave & Busters (no grown adult should ever have so many tickets), followed immediately by that crazy Vegas bachelors party. None of the stereotypical Vegas debauchery, but fun regardless. No need for strippers when you have TONS of alcohol and friends with no issues against misbehaving in public. Boff '07 will be forever engraved in my memories, not so much for the event itself, but for the lexicographical humor we derived from it. I thank everyone i was there with for providing endless entertainment. Even when completely embarrassed at breakfast i was still laughing inside, and the stories will last for weeks to come. I'll always know to beware of irritating the little old ladies in elevators...

I must say the return from Vegas was less than awesome. Our pilot, thinking it slush, drove the plane into a mountain of ice and got the plane stuck on the tarmac for over an hour. At that time, they got buses onto the runway, offloaded us out the back (the only time having a seat back there helped), and drove us to the terminal. At which point i had another hour wait for my luggage and a miserable cab ride home. Instead of the time to pack and get 8 hrs sleep i was hoping for i had to take all dirty laundry to Boise with me and only go on 6 hours sleep, after several sleepless nights in Vegas (its no wonder i got sick as a dog while in transit).

Finally, Feb, we had a good time in Boise, didn't we. I'm sorry i got horribly ill with that massive cold, but that is what comes from spending two days traveling in planes after Vegas has destroyed your immune system. The layover trip to the Mall of America was a huge disappointment. It isn't even that big, and the amusement park looked lame. I couldn't believe they had so much trouble filling the storefronts that they had to have two american eagles, and 4 caribou coffees, among other repeat stores. The western mountain skiing kicked my ass as usual, but was satisfying as well. I had fun, panting my way down the hills with my diminished lung capacity from the cold/flu and altitude issues. Someday i hope to be fit enough to keep up with my Idaho friend and maybe even kick his ass on a slope or two (at least if he is snowboarding ...).

That appears to be all Feb, i hope you had as much fun as i did. I'll try to write more often now that I'm staying at home for at least a whole week. I've included some pics of all our adventures together for you to check out.

Yours Truly,