Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

Thanks go out to all my friends who stuck with me from SW, to NE, NW, and finally home to Arlington. You all made it a night i wish i could remember better :-).

Seattle Rains

I must say, i have a love-hate relationship with Jet Blue. I love the fact that they have direct tv, so i don't need to bring as much entertainment with me, but i hate the fact that you have plenty of time to watch this tv while sitting at the gate for over half an hour waiting to take off. I flew out to seattle, via boston, and nearly every leg of the trip had some plane troubles (cancelled then replacement plane, hour delay, improperly loaded luggage causing delay, gate assignment problems causing delay on landing...). They really need to get their act together or just have really low prices to make it worth the hassle.

Seattle was nice, once you got used to the constant light rain that is usual this time of year. Went out to a divey college bar on friday night, where i totally should have won at darts, and then walked around the University of Washingtons campus with the midnight tour.

Saturday was spent in relax/recovery mode, we then went to the Bodies exhibit downtown. I found it highly informative and interesting, but i'm sure some people would find looking at preserved bodies a little disturbing. My random facts i took from it: Baby's pot bellies are made up primarily of their liver; the liver is the only organ made up of only one type of cell; people, especially pregnant women, can get tumors in their body that are made up of hair, teeth, and skin (in places they don't belong, and the grossest thing in the exhibit).

Sunday we went out the Redhook Brewery and took a tour, with free samples aplenty. The Blond and the Blackhook porter were my favorites. I liked the Blackhook so much that i got a Blackhook float for desert, which was suprisingly delicious (Blackhook pint with two scoops of Blackhook flavored ice cream). Finished Sunday night with a red-eye flight home that made me completely non-productive at work for the next 3 days.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have a disturbing run-in with a DDOLMFN (Disgustingly Dirty and Overly-Long Male Finger Nails = DDOLMFN, reading all the lemony snicket books slowly makes one become obsessed with acronyms) on the Metro this week.

There i was minding my own business, holding on the the upright pole and reading the Express on my way to work, when at the Clarendon station disaster strikes. As the train gives the usual jerk as part of pulling out of the station I feel a rough scratch on the back of my hand.

Upon looking for the source i see that the suited, and seemingly well groomed, man next to me has reached out for the bar without taking his eyes off of his newspaper. In this blind grab he has scraped his thumb nail against the back of my hand, and to my repulsion, it was one of the most disgusting nails i have ever seen. It was longer than most women's and where it grew away from the finger, instead of the clean white you would expect, was a black mess tapering up through grey and finally a cleanish white toward the tip (so at least i wasn't assaulted by the worst part :-/). Rarely have i seen such a sorry excuse for nail hygiene.

I was so shocked that i uttered an audible "Ugh!" which was heard by another guy standing near me. He saw what i was looking at and gave me a "better you than me" look. I really think metro should introduce hygiene police to enforce common-sense levels of personal grooming and deodorant use...