Sunday, May 13, 2007

BDay Week

What a week for a birthday. I had some horrible problems with allergies, that kept me on the couch for the better party of three days, but once i pushed through those i had a wonderful time out with my friends at Rock Bottom to celebrate my birthday. But just a few days later things kicked up a notch with the Chiluau.

The Chiluau had its birth a few years ago in the chili cookoff blowoff bash (a party started in protest of the exorbitant ticked costs of the DC101 chili cookoff), which was then combined with the Hawaiian Luau party (when its host got all responsible and bought a condo), and thus birth was given to the Chiluau.

This year we had five patios and two houses involved and the greatly expanded guest list provided a wonderful time for all, and more than made up for the homeowners association crackdown that occurred last year which banned us from utilizing our parking spaces for party overflow. But as the pictures show, we had enough room for everyone and plenty of fun. Its been a great week, and i do not look forward to getting back to work on monday.