Wednesday, January 16, 2008

look at me!

I know, it's amazing. I am actually doing a blog post. Many of you may ask why (that is if anyone is even reading this after so few posts), but the simple answer is that i don't feel like working. Pretty pathetic since i just spent the last week and a half not working, but a reality nonetheless.

What I've been up to:

Christmas. A surprisingly fun time spent with the family. The best part about the little niece and nephew is that as long as they are around the family drama is kept to a minimum. Nobody can get pissed when you have a three year old girl running around shouting "I have the power". He-Man is just too cute.

New Years Eve. A fun party, even with a less than expected turnout. My new weakness is officially the ice luge. It makes shots waaay too much fun! But I think i managed to maintain my dignity, and stayed awake until most of my friends left (and provided entertainment for those who hadn't left yet). Overall a good way to welcome in the new year. The following day was another story. Plush carpeting and vomit, left to sit overnight, do not mix all that well, and cause an all day cleaning effort. That is the price paid to the party gods for our many vomit free events of the past.

Work, Work, Work. The last thing i've been up to, mixed in with all this fun, is working. One can not truly appreciate two full months of slacking until one has spend three fifteen to seventeen hour days in a row in the office. I admit I only have my self to blame, but that doesn't change the fact that I suck.

Now I look to the new year ahead. The NYC triathlon looms ahead at the mid point, and condo/house shopping should keep me busy in the near term. I hope I have all kinds of fun adventures to share along the way. I leave with my annual wish that this year will be better than last year, and hopefully the best one yet.