Monday, August 27, 2007


As much as i love the metro, and am always extolling its virtues, i must say that it has let me down once a gain. My 30-40 min commute home from work today involved 2 hours to go from King St. to Braddock Rd (1 STOP!!!). Luckily i was able to get the roomie to give me a ride home once my train finally unloaded, which occured after 40 mins at king st., an hour outside the airport, and 20 mins on the way back from airport to braddock.

Last night the metro had power problems and had to close a few stations for a few hours. But they said it was an isolated incident and would investigate further. Big suprise, it all happened again today. Every train that approached the airport lost power, but they didn't stop running trains for two hours, after 4 trains ahead of mine were taken out of service! Now that i have vented i can get something to eat and try and relax tonight. I need to save some anger for work this week, they love to screw me over...

Crazy Summer

must say it was one crazy summer. Between Tim's wedding, with ridiculous debauchery, Tucker's many going-away happy hours and parties, the Virgin festival weekend, and Heather's birthday, it is no suprise that i haven't done squat at work or found the time to write in my lame blog. Check out my flickr site, the photos speak enough for the fun times.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

San Diego

I was in San Diego about a month back, but didn't get around to writing anything here. But for myself, and anyone else who goes i have to share the good and bad of my trip.

  • the weather, always nice and pleasant

  • the Gas Lamp district, and especially the Strip Club Steak Place. I had never really cooked a steak before, but this restaurant provides the steak, the seasonings, and you get to go to town on the grill. It was fun and delicious, not to mention the speciality martini menu (i personally like the Kahlua and Baileys, with powdered chocolate).

  • La Jolla, beautiful little town. Had a blast sea kayaking there.

  • Pacific Beach, another good town. Had a nice bar district on Garnet Ave., where i must mention Bub's Dive, which just happened to be the local Steelers and VA Tech bar for any fans out there. Also Pacific Beach had an awesome bar called the Lahaina Beach House right on the beach. Nothing like watching sunset while sipping pitchers of Blue Moon.

  • the zoo is a great way to spend the day, but i recommend the bus ride to get a feel for where everything is and save yourself backtracking up and down the big hills.

  • all in all, it is everything i imagined it to be


  • the parking, don't drive anywhere because even if the traffic is light there will be no parking when you get there.

  • nothing else, this place rocks

Hopefully more of my friends will have to go here for work and i can visit them :-).